[acid android] new PV and new Live !!!

posted on 13 Jun 2010 04:02 by marnnoi in LARUKU

just wanna scream out loud (I'd more than love to do so if it would not be 4 a.m.!!!!!)

so I'll start from the common knowlede for aa's fan

New album 13:day:dream 


¥3,150(tax in)
2003.07.13 Release

01.guide into daydream
02.violent parade
04.clockwork dance
05.useless action
06.i.w.o.m.f.p.p just an android
08.balancing doll
11.a moon tonight
12.a lull in the wind

make u a lot more HOT with.... the new pv releasing!

[PV] Violent Parade - acid android

are you stirring now?

SO let get burned with....the new 2010 live annoucement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


acid android live 2010 ♯13

2010.11.22 mon
open / start 17:30 / 18:30
ticket:前売 ¥6,500(税別)
一般発売:2010年9月25日(土) *未就学児童入場不可
information:キョードー東京 / 03-3498-9999

上記公演 acid android mobile会員限定・チケット先行予約有
受付期間:2010/6/19(土) 12:00 ~ 6/23(月) 16:00

[credit: http://www.tracksondrugs.com/]

and DO NOT MISS 44-second-live preview [violent parade]  here: http://www.tracksondrugs.com/20100613/




comment: I love the song [violent parade] and the pv is so creepy cool. But what I love the most is Yukie's been seen in many scenes with his total or almost total eye contact. in spite of his scary appearance and as well as his creepy cool atmosphere, I love the PV! <personally, he looks alike the haunted ghost in the mental hospital !!!!!!!>

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